Hanging Gender roles,expectations, attitudes

This essay is based about changing gender roles, expectations, attitudes and The mood/tone of each essay.

Answering following questions will be helpful to write the essay.
The Bradys essay is published in 1766. To what do you attribute is coninued popularity? In what ways is it still relevant?

According to Sacks, what is the Subtext to the wave of concern over the recently announced epidemic of childlessness in successful career women”? Why does he think most men concetrate on their careers? What does he think is a good alternative to this siutataion? What are the advantages of being a stay-at-home dad? What does Sacks see as the disadvantages? Could you make the argument that Sacks and his wife are simply switching traditional male/female roles?

Essay format
In your first paragraph, you should introduce the topic of changing gender roles, expectations and attitudes. You should end that paragraph with your thesis statement. The rest of your paper should support your thesis with examples from two texts. Use more examples from the two texts.