Hanging Locus Of Global Economic Power For FRANCE

a? Introduce the topic: State briefly the aim and structure of the discussion in your own section of the report.
a? Briefly describe (with a Figure labelled Figure 1.1 etc with a title, key and source of the data) the pattern of GDP growth over at least the last twenty years (on an annual basis) (time on the horizontal axis and % rate of annual real growth on the vertical axis).
a? Examine the key factors that are contributing to the current rate of GDP growth/decline and assess how this rate may change in the coming years, citing three reasons for your suggestion.
a? Briefly describe the population structure and population growth rate in the country (using a population age/sex pyramid for the population structure).
a? Explain how this demographic data is likely to change in the coming years and how this data will influence the economy, in terms of the labour force, the dependent population, the pensions system and the products demanded in the domestic market.
a? The conclusion should refer directly back to the introduction where you have stated the aim of the section. The conclusion should be positive and forward looking stating clearly how you assess the position of the economy you have looked at is changing in the world and three addition types of information that would help support your assessment.
Arguments (descriptions, explanations, examinations and assessments) should be presented as short coherent paragraphs dealing with one aspect of the argument. Do not use bullet points, notes or single sentence fragments.
The above points should form the core of the material covered, but you are free to add more material of relevance.

a? The Introduction to the whole report (briefly defining the how economic power can be measures and the general significance of any shift in power, plus the structure of the report), which must be no more than 400 words.
a? The Conclusion must: draw material from (integrate) the whole report and comment on the assessments made across all the countries contained in the report to form a conclusion on: i) whether or not the locus of economic power is shifting; ii) the most important implication for business strategy that follow from the analysis in the report? Word length 500 words.
In addition: