Hanging or Improving Cultural Competence

Assignment Three: Changing or Improving Cultural Competence
A presentation outlining and arguing for appropriate frameworks for policy development or practical changes in a workplace or the community.
Length: Powerpoint Presentation: 900 words in notes section.
(Max 12 slides)

Prepare a presentation that identifies and argues clearly for a need for change/improvement in policies and/or practices relating to cultural competence in your profession.
The presentation will include:
a? a description and brief analysis of the setting or situation you consider requires change or improvement;
a? a description and brief analysis of the current (or lack of) policies and/or practices;
a? a clear articulation of your position on the need for change or improvement;
a? a clear argument for what changes should occur and how this can be implemented.

Understanding cultural competence is crucial to our collective futures arguing for and implementing change is another matter altogether. To complete this task, you will need to identify policies and/or practices related to cultural competence in your profession that you think need to change.
Your task is to develop a position and an argument to convince colleagues/your employer/staff of the need for change. You will need to consider all the concepts and theories we have covered during this semester when you construct your argument. Nearly every place of employment will be diverse, so you need to take into consideration your own position, the experience and position of others, the politics of the workforce and the social nature of knowledge production.

This assessment item is a Powerpoint presentation.
Assessment of your presentation will be based solely on the slides and the notes (in Notes View) in your Powerpoint document. The word limit for the notes is 900 words and must be written in a formal style with references.

You will need to consider the following points in developing your presentation:
a?Images can be drawn from any legal source and their use should be properly referenced a even if they are your own photos. Images must be referenced correctly both in the text where they are used and in the reference list. Use the Harvard referencing style (or an accepted format) for referencing or follow the guidelines in the link to the Library webpage on the right. Do not simply label photos with a URL.
a? The ideas used in your essay will always come from somewhere else so ensure that all sources of information are correctly referenced both in the text and in a reference list at the end of you essay. Each paragraph (except the conclusion) needs to include at least one reference. If you are not sure of how to reference correctly, check out the referencing style guides available on the Charles Darwin University Library website. It is recommended you use the Harvard (Author-Date) system. A Style Guide is available through the link on the right. Remember that a significant component of your marks is based on correct referencing and acknowledgement of the source of your information.
a? Consider how the notes you produce will accurately reflect how you aim to present the talk. The notes need to be in a formal essay format. They should be logical, comprehensible, referenced where appropriate and most importantly, clearly assist you in delivering your presentation.