Hanging the Requiring for filingfor Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

My profeesor want us to write a paper about if I could change any law what would it be.
I would like to change the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy law, Maybe modafied the Requiments for filing, Maybe people with jobs got over their heads and spent more then can afford, so they decide to file Chapter 7 and have their bills dischared, My thinking is I dont agree that if they have the means to pay, then they should over a period of time have to pay for their own bills.
This paper should include the following

The paper shall be 4 pages in length plus a work-cited page. The content shall consist of:
* Description of the law as it exists now and how it will look as proposed
* Describe why we need the change or new law
* Cite to sources, cases or acticles that support the law or to reasons we need the law
* Describe how society or individuals will benefit
* Describe individuals who may oppose it and why
* Describe why the benefits will outweigh any detriments
* give specifics, not redundant summaries
* There should be a minimum of 5 outside sources cited. The textbook is not an outside source.
This paper should not be all citations. It should at least 50% of your own thoughts and analysis.
Research other states or countries ( they may already use idea or similar idea).