Hanging tides; in search of solutions to the regression of our male youth.

The research project will attempt to use an integrated review method in order to rigorously explore the literature on our male youth aged 12 to 18. By use of Meta Analysis, the project aims to explore today s generation and further what advancements and regressions are identified from past generations to now. The desired outcome of the paper is to find what is successful with capturing the generation s interest and how to harness them to become interested and engaged in today s society. Rooted in Social Cognition Theory, we will associate how these youth are defining themselves in this changing world.
Is there a solution to the regressing male youth of the 21st century? From a lessening presence in post secondary schooling to the workforce in Canada (Boys will be boys, Star Article). Boys are changing, is this evolvement or devolvement and how can they best be assisted? Labeled a failure to launch generation today s youth are said to be losing Interest and not quite in sync with the traditional role. The following research proposal will propose a rigorous analysis of the data and method to study and review the entitled problem. It will hope to answer the lingering question if today s youth are rightly labeled as a failure to launch generation or if they could be best described a later to launch generation.
We need only look over the past century to see the
Statement of the Problem
This qualitative thesis will help to explore and generate ideas by way of using an integrated review of the literature. Today s youth (generation Y) are perceived as not engaged and are labeled as a failure to launch generation. Analyze research pertaining to this generation.
Research Questions and Hypotheses
How are adolescent boys changing from other generations?
What roles are adolescent boys taking in Society?
What influences boys?
What are their barriers?
What existing programming is offered to boys?
How can we help boys make an investment in their future? How can we help boys thrive in today s society?

Where do male youth fit in?
Are boys successful or reach their full potential?
What is going on in lives of male youths at this time?
Today s male youth are labeled incorrectly as failure to launch.
Today s male youth have no clear definition of their role in today s Society and are falling behind their female counterparts.
There are insufficient services to address male youth s problems& ..
Rural isolation has a direct impact on the male youth s development.
Conceptual and theoretical framework
Instrument /Measures
Use search engines and search key words to seek the data. Some of the key words may include; adolescent males, teenagers, boys, generation Y, male youth, sexuality, identity, programming, roles.
Sample: Main focus is to gather scientific articles going back 5 years on male adolescents of target population male youth between 12 and 18 years of age. We are completing a meta-analysis on them in a qualitative study.