Hanging Your Learning Management System: from hype to happiness

Cover Page
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Executive Summary
(If appropriate a should be written last to focus on key points/findings)

Current Situation Analysis and pertinent Background including a synopsis of the relevant information from the case analysis tool short form.

May include:
a? Target Market Identification
a? Market Needs
a? Forms of IMC in use
a? Analysis of Case
a? Key Issues/Goals
a? Recommendations
Should include:
a? Decision Criteria
a? Assumptions
a? Data Analysis (analysis in appendix and summary info in body)
a? Preferred Alternative with rationale.
a? Justification/Predicted Outcome:
It is important that all guesstimates or creative ideas be founded upon some marketing rationale and a solid understanding of the metrics related to the target market and anticipated financial changes/impact. Using target market analysis and education estimation of population, $, and units is appropriate.
If you are not confident in your ability to do soa¦PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DISCUSS a?HOW TOa? as a team with the professor well in advance of your case presentation.
Recommend that you source business journals, periodicals, and textual references as well as any online research. Make sure you support your ideas with facts and figures. Please

please do not cope anything from internet because the my professor will check it
i will upload the chapter 23 so you can read it then analyses then write the case study from it.
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