Hapter 13 | Real Estate | Video Review | Article

Watch the all of the videos in your online account with Dave Ramsey.
Write an article including the following:

Introduction that tells me some of your story and why the information on the videos matter to you.

For each video, give me a good summary of the content including the principles and concepts that were discussed in each video.

Organize your article as if it is a professional report.
Apply some simple formatting so that your article is easy to read and professional in appearance. Here are a few simple suggestions that will make it easy for you to receive the full 30 points for your assignment:
Give your article a Title (be a little creative if you like)

Use a subtitle to describe the main ideas that were most helpful or meaningful to you as you watched the videos.
Use bullets or numbering when making a list

Bold font, italics, and highlighting words or sentences help to make these sentences stand out and that means Im far more likely to focus on those words, sentences, and paragraphs.

Chapter 13 | Real Estate | Video Review | Article