Hapter 16 reflection and chapter 24 reflection

here is the book

DO A REFLECTION ON CHAPTER 16Elaboration Likelihood Model

and CHapter 24Narrative Paradigm

make sure these are the titles of the chapters on the book that i have attached the link if not let me know asap and i will make sure its there and you are able to access it 3 pages for each chapter and 3 sources for each chapter

Basics: 3 page paper, double-spaced, page numbers, stapled, 12-point font (Times or Times New Roman), 1-inch margins. Each reflection paper must have an introduction, transitions, body, and conclusion. DO NOT INCLUDE A TITLE PAGE. The paper should be well-written, organized, and free from grammatical, spell-check, or writing errors.

a? The reflection papers need to demonstrate, to me, that you have read the chapter, you have a good grasp of the theory, you critique the theory, and that you have identified theoretical paradigm.

a? Provide examples from your communication experiences that relate to the theory.
write a reflection paper on your chapter that indicates you have read and understand and are able to apply the materials in these chapters. The purpose of these papers is to ensure that you are doing the reading, and to help you practice a?placing and critiquinga? the theory.

3 sources
must be apa style and a reference page