Think of these as a simple discussion paper method. My first goal is to keep you reading and thinking about what you read. I am not interested in a passive acceptance of what is read, although there is nothing wrong with agreement between your views and those of the author. My second goal is for you to select evidence that stands out from the reading. What are the selections you want to make us aware of? What lines seem so well written that you too wish you could write something similar? Or what stands out as something you just can not accept and wish and challenge? Once you have focused in on the passages from the reading that you want to discuss, then write a 500 word response to the chapter. My primary goal is for you to bring this paper to class and be prepared to discuss the ideas that you have selected for reflection. The conversation is intended to be lively, interactive, interesting, fun, and challenging. The goal for me is to give you practice in critical thinking, debate, discussion of open ideas.
Each paper must have a word count at the top of the page, directly under your name. The word count for each paper must be at least 500 of your own words. Do not count quotes as your own words.
Source for chapter 8
If you want to pick a quote and react on it but challenging it or compare it to something else you have read before that would work too but keep in mind that the quote does not count as part of the word count