Hapter 9: Weight Management: Overweight, Obesity, and Underweight

You are to write an 8 page typewritten paper on a human nutrition topic of your choice (must be approved by me) from Chapters 14-20. Your paper should be doubled-spaced, 12pt font, 1a? margins on all sides, and have a minimum of 10 references. You will need to include a minimum of 8 current peered review/scholarly research journal articles found only on the a?PubMeda? search engine. The other 2 remaining references may come from credible sources of nutrition information (i.e. books, government agencies, volunteer associations, consumer groups, and professional organizations websites) located in Table H1-1 page 32 in Understanding Nutrition 13th edition). Current is defined from 2006-2013.

All information used must be cited within the paper and a a?Works Citeda? list must be completed. Use the MLA format. Be sure to identify the sources in you text (a?parenthetical documentationa?) and complete a a?Works Citeda? page.

Details located at discussion: In this section you will want to give a a?wrap-upa? of what conclusions you have made about the topic based on your research of the literature.
4. Works Cited page a Done in MLA format.

*** My paper must be about topic in Chapter 9 of Understanding Nutrition 13th edition. 8 of the 10 references must be from PubMed.