Hapters 6 11 in the book: International Politics On The World Stage Tenth Edition By: John T. Rouke Chapters

Topic Assignment:
The essay needs to be on Chapters 6 11 in the book: International Politics On The World Stage Tenth Edition By: John T. Rouke Chapters

Topic Question:
Do the states of the Middle East (e.g., Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc.) and the rise of fundamentalist Islam in that region currently pose a threat to the global security? If so, how might the major powers (e.g., the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, and China) move to defuse this risk? In such an effort would there be a role for international governmental organizations such as the United Nations. In your analysis select five concepts from the assigned list below and examine those concepts in depth; it will not be necessary to apply each of your assigned concepts to each of the preceding three questions, but your selection of concepts should be such as to select at least one concept relating to each of the three questions.
Your essay should address the preceding questions by incorporating, in detail, five of the concepts from IR Concepts section.
The key to the assignment is to demonstrate your mastery of the international relations concepts by incorporating them, in detail, into your examination of the topic. Dont become overly concerned with the topic to the detriment of a detailed discussion of the international relations concepts.
Choose five of the following international relations concepts:

· Theories of Governance (Theorocracy, Monarchism, and Democracy),
· The Role of the United Nations,
· Characteristics of Power,
· Functions of Diplomacy,
· Rules of Effective Diplomacy,
· Adherence to International Law,
· Causes of War,
· Conditions for Military Success,
· Terrorism,
· Collective Defense vs. Collective Security,
· or Peacekeeping vs. Peacemaking (peace enforcement).

Articles Please use the following articles to enhance your understanding of the topic (the Middle East and Global Security).

CNN Iranian leader rebuts critics over Israel remarks: Thousands of Iranians stage anti-Israel demonstrations

Stanley Hoffmann Clash of Globalizations Swanee Hunt and Cristina Posa Women Waging Peace

Paul J. Smith Transnational Terrorism and the al Qaeda Model: Confronting New Realities

Immanuel Wallerstein The Eagle Has Crash Landed

Please, the essay needs to be on this topic and on this book. If unable to do this please let me know.