Haracter Analysis and how it relates to oneself.

Write an essay of 300-500 words explaining changes in Pip as he responds to the characters in his life and experiences he has in part one of the book. Explain changes in you as you have responded to people (a person)/(experiences) from your own life. This essay can be constructed with two lengthy body paragraphs, or in a structure of more body paragraphs that is logical.
Audience: College English Majors
Purpose: To explain, to express
Content: Objective(from the novel), Subjective (from your own life)
Diction: Formal/Academic

**These are the instructions/guideline my instructor sent out to the class. The novel/book is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

I have not had time to read much of the book so I dont know what experiences to use. In this case, Ill ask for you to input your own experiences or make them up please. As long as they relate to the character Pip and his life/experiences.

One way the instructor suggested for constructing this essay is as follows:

Thesis: with 2 or 3 points to prove.. part 1 comfort zone, part 2 learning experience, part 3 changes

Body Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: Pip and I were out of our comfort zones

Body Paragraph 2 Topic sentence: We both learned life lessons with our struggles

Body Paragraph 3 topic sentence: Pip and I changed as persons

I added this suggestion because it seems like the best choice for this essay. Again, feel free to edit it if youd like as long as it follows her instructions/guideline