Haracter Analysis and pick one of those .William Faulkner, A Rose for Emily,and Andre Dubus, “Killings”

Character Analysis Due Friday, May 30, 2014
Your first essay will be a character analysis of one character in a short story assigned in Module 1. As you work on your essay, consider the following kinds of questions and generate a list of examples from the story:
i ? How is the character presented at the beginning of the story?
i ? How does the character change as the story progresses? Are the changes in this
character important a and if so, why?
i ? How is the character presented at the end of the story?
i ? Is this character the storyas protagonist, antagonist, or a supporting character?
i ? Is the character strong or weak? How do you know? What evidence does the story
i ? What kinds of strengths or weaknesses does this character possess? Physical,
emotional, moral, spiritual, other?
i ? What does this character want? Are the characteras expectations realistic?
Appropriate? Fair?
i ? What is the source of conflict in this character? How does the character resolve the
conflict? Does the character gain or lose from the measures taken to resolve the
i ? Are the characteras actions genuine or do they suggest ulterior motives?
i ? How does the character relate to other characters in the story?
i ? Is there any symbolism associated with this character? If so, what do the symbols
suggest about the characteras state of mind, yearnings, beliefs, and challenges?
i ? What lessons can we learn from this characteras experiences?
Remember: you canat answer all of these questions in a single essay! The questions are to help you get started with some pre-writing work so you can develop a direction for your paper.

this is the ((((((Module 1))))) so you should pick one Character from those
William Faulkner, A Rose for Emily,and Andre Dubus, ”Killings”