Haracter Analysis Essay (full description below)

Choose one of the following characters from Alan Ayckbourns Man of the Moment”: Vic Parks; Trudy; Jill Rillington; Douglas Beechey.

Part 1. First, pursue your Investigations.these investigations should include a list of objective facts about your character; a list of your characters actions, broken down into acts and scenes; a list of representative quotes that reflect what your character says about him or herself in the plays; a list of representative quotes that reflect what others say about that character.

Part 2. From this Data base,write a character analysis that addresses the following points from Hays model for studying character. (this is a handout we got in class which i have saved on my computer, which i can send you)

1) A detailed physical description, based upon what we concretely know from the texts. Your description should be supported by the reasons for your choices.
2) What you think motivates the character and why. e.g., what is his of her primary objective?
3)Things the character says that are vital to your understanding of him/her, particularly in reference to point no. 2.
4) Things other characters say about your character that also support your understanding of him/her.
5) The actions of your character that are also vital to your understanding.

Edit your work carefully, and include within the text the page numbers for any quotes that you use. You may not use outside sources for this essay.
please staple your investigations to the end of the essay.

(Please write this essay for me within 12 hours as it is due tomorrow. Use simple language because that is the way i write. I do not use big words. simple.