Haracter Analysis of Nora from A Dolls House

YOU MAY NOT USE AS SOURCES include Masterplots, Cliff Notes, Spark Notes, Monarch Notes, the Bible, standard dictionaries, encyclopedias, or popular magazines such as Time. You certainly should use a dictionary in your writing, and the Bible may be very useful in checking the workas allusions, but these are not the sorts of sources one lists on a college-level research paper. There are plenty of dictionaries or other reference books that are more specialized, such as Zimmermans Dictionary of Classical Mythology, but again, one doesnt quote or cite these, generally speaking.

Use one-inch margins on all four sides. (In Microsoft Word, use File,then Page Setupto accomplish this.
Use Times New Roman 12 point font.
Double space the entire paper. (In Word, use Format,Paragraph,and Line Spacing.”)
Use a header on the upper right side of each page; it includes your last name and the page number. (In Word, use Viewand Header and Footer”; write your last name in the rectangle, tab it to the right, space once after your name, and click on the number or pound sign. This will insert the correct number on each page.)
Do not include a title page or an outline.
Page one should have the heading, which includes your name, my name, the class, and the date. Note that this is not the same thing as a header.
Your title should be centered and should explain the topic of your discussion.
Indent paragraphs by using the [Tab] key.
Do not skip lines between paragraphs (check your Formatsetting for this).
Use the indented quotation format on any quotations that go over three lines; to do this, youll need to [Tab] twice.
Use the parenthetical citation format.
A minimum of four pagesmeans four full pages of text. This does not count the Works Citedpage.
Include your Works Citedpage as part of the original document, although it should be on a separate page.
Alphabetize the Works Citedpage according to the writers last name. Include primary and secondary sources.
Use a hanging indent on the Works Citedpage. (In Word, go to Format,Paragraph,and Specialto accomplish this.