Haracter Analysis onLetter from Birmingham Jail(Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Reference the text as follows:
Martin Luther King Jr. (2011). Letter from Birmingham Jail. In D. Balty (Ed.). The Pearson custom library of American Literature

What I need is a Character Analysis for Letter from Birmingham Jail.

*The thesis should be the last sentence in the first paragraph and it should name the character and be an interpretation of that character.

The front page and the reference page are required accordingly.

1. writer must use clear approach for writing the analysis.
2.Discuss function of the character
3.Examine the characters traits
4.Explain the characters motivation
5.Chart the characters development
6. Present sufficient supporting analysis(evidence to back up what your saying) example: qoutes, citations
*Be sure to use effective transitional statements in order to give your essay a sense of unity.