Haracter and Culture by Anthony Quinton

Essay must be one and one half to two pages double-spaced typed (300-500 words). Each paper must be an assessment or evaluation of the themes espoused by the author. Summaries are of no value. You may agree or disagree with the author a this is not significant. Through your evaluation of each essay I will be able to ascertain whether or not you understood the essay.

Red Flags a Please leave Out!
No narrative or descriptive language (this was a really neat paper, really liked this paper, Plato is a great . . .) no first person (I), no contractions (canat, shouldnat) or sentence fragments. Refrain from undefended or unsupported generalizations or glittering generalities (. . . all parents love their children . . . .). Offer specific examples to support your assertions. If you cannot define certain concepts or particular words you probably do not understand them and that will make an evaluation difficult to execute.

I will attach the reading under instruction files, please take a look.