Haracter Comparison in The Complete Persepolis in the viewpoint of gender and culture

Compare 2 women represented in The Complete Persepolisby Marjane Satrapi, such as Satrapis grandmother and her Austrian landlady or European friends, or one of the Iranian women in Tehran and Marji, Your comparisons may cross generations, cultures, races, or location, but your comparison and analysis should focus closely on two women (although you may refer to other characters in your discussion). Use direct quotations from the text to support your analysis, and make sure all quotations are explained in terms of what they reveal about gender and culture, as portrayed by Marjane Satrapi.

*Use direct quotations as supporting evidence, but choose selectively. Keep quotations as short as possible. Quotations MUST always be accompanied by your own analysis an interpretation why or how the quotation is important to your argument or significant to understanding gender or culture. Aim for 1 sentence of analysis for every 1 sentence quoted from the text.