Haracter Study of Simon Peter: Like a Rock

First, you must write a transcript of each of your lessons. Each transcript will detail the exact information you will be giving during your study. Once completed, one could read the transcripts in order and hear the entire study from start to finish. Combine the transcripts into one, clearly marking when one lesson ends and another begins. Each transcript should be between 3 and 5 pages. For example, if your study contains 3 lessons and each transcript is 4 pages long, your combined transcripts will total 12 pages.

Make sure you use 12 pt. Times New Roman font as well as correct Turabian style. Your study will be graded on originality, clarity, logic, form, quality of the content, and creativity in the presentation. You will also be evaluated on your faithfulness to and direct interaction with the biblical texts. The Rubric details how you will be graded for the entire study.

When you have completed the transcripts, you are done preparing the Character Study. In Module/Week 7, please submit a single document with your Cover Page, Lessons Outlines, and Transcripts.
You will create an outline of each lesson in your study. The main passages you must use come from the four Gospels; however, you are not restricted to one Gospel. You may also refer to epistles from time to time, but do not make an entire lesson out of epistles, such as 1, 2, and 3 John; 1 and 2 Peter, etc.

You should expositionally study the relevant Bible passages firsthand. Investigate the Gospel narratives. Observe, interpret, and apply the texts. Illustrations are good, but donat get carried away. You must use at least 6 scholarly sources in your research, and you must properly format them according to Turabian style. If you want to use Internet sources not found through the Liberty University Library (such as through Google), you must obtain permission from your instructor first.

Within each outline you must include the following information:

a?The lesson introduction
a?The transitions and illustrations you will use
a?The lesson conclusion
a?Bibliography with the cited scholarly sources in Turabian format
Once you have received feedback from your classmates (which takes place in Discussion Board Forum 5), finish your Lessons Outlines and submit them in one document within Module/Week 5. The Rubric details how you will be graded. Consult the Scholarly vs. Popular Sources document to help you with your research.

I am going to upload what I have done so far and I want you to use that as a guide for your writing the presentation and outline. Dont copy what I send you please but reword it. Thanks