Haracteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counse

Application: Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling
An important aspect of understanding and recognizing effective counseling characteristics and behaviors is being able to critically reflect on your own counseling session or the observation of another counselors session. This reflection of what occurred within the session helps you to evaluate which characteristics and behaviors are present, which you need to develop, and which you need to expand to the next level. As a counselor, you can make observations of what was successful and what was unsuccessful in the session and then make adjustments to your own counseling practice.
To prepare for this assignment:
Review Chapter 5 in the course text, Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations, focusing on effective counseling characteristics. Think about how each of these would affect your behaviors as a counselor.
Review the media program, Counseling Characteristics, and focus on the characteristics of effective counseling.
Think about effective and ineffective counseling characteristics and the behaviors that are associated with them.
Read the tape transcript located in the Learning Resources. Think about which characteristics and behaviors in the case study were effective and which were ineffective. Consider how these characteristics impacted the counseling session.
Think about whether characteristics and behaviors are consistent with counseling as an art or a science, or both, and why.
The assignment: (2–3 pages)
Describe at least two effective characteristics and/or behaviors in the case study and explain why they were effective.
Describe at least two ineffective characteristics and/or behaviors and explain why they were ineffective.
Explain what impact the presence of effective and ineffective characteristics/behaviors might make on the session in the case study.
Explain whether characteristics and behaviors are consistent with counseling as an art, a science, or both and why. Be specific and illustrate with examples.
Support your Application Assignment by citing all resources, including those in the Learning Resources, in APA style