Haracteristics of Effective Nurse Leaders

Topic: Characteristics of Effective Nurse Leaders

Paper instructions:
Choose a nurse leader whose character and performance epitomizes an effective nurse leader. The chosen leader does not have to interact personally with you for this assignment; however, you must know the leader well enough to be personally aware of his or her professional performance and character. Develop an APA-formatted 1000 word paper (5 pages, excluding cover page and references), to meet the criteria described below. The content, as well as the writing skills will be critically evaluated.

Note: This paper is NOT an interview paper, but a documentation of your observations and/or experiences with the leader. The nurse leader must be identified; however, names do not need to be included. The paper must be written in your own words, supported by the literature, but should not be a direct reflection of the data as presented in the literature. This assignment must be submitted to Turn-it-in for verification of authenticity and all guidelines for Turn-it-in apply.

Note: Do not use a question/answer format or direct quotations in this assignment. Paraphrase the information and credit the authors with citations and references.

All must be Included in the paper:

1. An appropriately formatted cover page.
2. An introduction that describes the purpose of the paper.
3. Headings to separate the content.
4. Presentation of the nurse leader.
5. A description of the characteristics that exemplify the nurse leader. These characteristics must be supported by data from nursing-related literature, and not general information about leaders. A minimum of FOUR (4) characteristics must be included in the paper.
6. Discuss each characteristic in a separate paragraph.
7. A discussion of the impact the nurse leader has on your current and future professional leadership growth.
8. A concluding paragraph that summarizes the content.
9. A minimum of FOUR (4) scholarly resources that are peer reviewed, between 2009-2014. (JOURNAL ARTICLESa¦ SOME ARE LISTED BELOW)

Grading Rubric: The paper must include the following to receive credit.
* A nurse leader is the focus of the paper
* The introduction includes the purpose of the paper and is clearly stated.
* The identification and presentation of the nurse leader sufficiently portrays the person
* The characteristics are exemplary of nursing leadership
* The characteristics are clearly and explicitly portrayed
* The characteristics of the nurse leader is appropriately supported by the nursing literature ( by the 4 scholarly resources)
* Each characteristic is relevant and is comprehensive presented in a separate paragraph
* The discussion of the impact on the studentas current and future professional leadership growth is insightful, visionary, and comprehensively presented
* The concluding paragraph summarizes the highlights of the content in a meaningful way (not just a repetition of what was in the body of the paper)

Resources already found for this paper (these can be used for this paper)

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Willcocks, S. G. (2012). Exploring leadership effectiveness: Nurses as clinical leaders in the NHS. Leadership in Health Services, 25(1), 8-19. doi:10.1108/17511871211198034

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