Haracterize Odysseus in the Odyssey Book 6, Lines 122-365 (The Princess and the Stranger)

The Odyssey, book 6 lines 122-365 (The Princess and the Stranger). The assignment is for an analysis of the character Odysseus in the specific lines assigned. If the block of lines is long, use a carefully selected portion of the lines. All the topics pair Odysseus with another character; however, the paper must focus on Odysseus only. Reference to the other character must be used only to help characterize Odyssues. Do not write a plot summary of the selection as the topic. Try and organize around main ideas so as not to lead to a plot summary. Thesis sentence should be analytical and not narrative. Not required to use secondary sources for paper 1; need to correctly cite quotations from the text. Needs to come from The Norton Anthology World Literature Vol 1.