Harismatic Leadership Literature Review

1) please do not go over 2000 words, excluding bibliography and topics
2) i have attached the essay which i have started doing and the materials which you will use to finish it.
3) i have also attached onother literature review on organisational memory. i would like to have something very similar. from that work you should get an idea of what the work is about.
5) if you have an opinion that the topic i have choosen is not the best one, feel free to change it, however the only materials you can use for this review is located at 7 such resources should be used

if you can not connect to web of knowledge, please us my log in (alternative log in)…
queen mary university and westfield colledge, bs05076 and password is 19868850b, the go to web of science and write topic you want. for what i have written i used charismatic leadership effects as my topic

if you have any questions please call since it will be faster. the attachments could be found on the page with previous work you have done for me.

best wishes and good luck.