Harities services marketing on the internet

I want the research to talk about: How can the Internet helps Charities to market their services..

My previous background:
Ive got the bachelor degree in Business Management in Saudi Arabia
and Im applaying to the master degree in E-COMMERCEin the UK
Ive been working 5 years as a Public Relations Manager in Jeddah Autism Center (the first center working with Autistic children in the middle east) which is part of Al-Faisalya Women Welfare Society.

((Outline Research Proposal))

Reason for selection of research area:
You should briefly give your personal reasons for choosing the topic and undertaking a research degree. Why do you think that you are particularly qualified and motivated to investigate this area? How does it relate to any previous experience you have in this field?

Proposed problem, hypothesis or question:
This states what the thesis will deal with. If hypotheses are appropriate, they should be stated. If the topic is not amenable to statement as a hypothesis, then the problem or question should be clearly stated.

Importance of research:
This concerns whether the research is sufficiently important of significant to justify your efforts. If there is some statement by an authority as to the need for the research, or if it can be demonstrated that the research is useful in the context of a major business/management problem, then these or other appropriate reasons should be stated in a short paragraph. The proposed thesis need not be  world-changing , but no thesis should deal with a trivial or inconsequential topic. Indeed, it must make a contribution to existing knowledge and debates.

Significant prior research:
This essentially discusses the major existing research in the area. It need not be exhaustive, but you should make an investigation to demonstrate your understanding of the issues and of significant existing studies.

Possible research approach or methodology:
This aspect of the proposal is extremely important because it outlines broadly how you intend to approach the research itself. Is it to be via questionnaire, simulation, re-examining existing literature, an algorithm, or how else? This should be described and, most importantly, explained as precisely as possible, but may still be in a tentative/rough form. Alternative methodologies which you are considering should also be included. Consideration should also be given as to what is achievable within the time available.

Potential outcomes and their importance:
The contents of this section are vital to any assessment of the thesis proposal. In short, you should explain your current expectations for the outcome of the study, in terms of insights, knowledge, debates and policy/practice implications for example.