Harity Begins at Home argue what Christians think as well as your opinion

Charity Begins At Home does it begin at home (literally) or in your home country (in our case the UK) depends on your interpretation..

Essay must include the following:
Definition of word CHARITY a) an organization / b) a way of acting

Introduction with CUDI style as structure:
Current is this a current issue? (Yes, due to economic downturn & financial difficulty in UK yet still helping Africa & other MEDCs).
Unusual is this unusual? (No, but please state that it isnt because it doesnt only occur in the UK).
Divisive does this create groups due to different opinions? (Yes, people dont agree on whether to help their own country or other even poorer countries).
Implications what are the causes of this issue? (the statement Charity Begins at Home causes different interpretations which cause disagreements between people/societies)

b) paragraph structure:
Point begin each paragraph by clearly making a point.
Explanation develop your point with an explanation.
Support support your explanation with Christian teachings or other relevant evidence.
Analyse analyse the point you made which can include commenting on, criticizing, or defending the teachings or other evidence you used to make the original point.
Relate relate back to the question at the end of the paragraph. Make sure your point explicitly links to the question.

Essay Structure:
F arguments FOR the statement given in the question.
A arguments AGAINST the statement given in the question.
C CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS can be used to support either or both the FOR & AGAINST arguments.
C a CONCLUSION where you explicitly evaluate all the different points to answer the question MUST be given.
Y YOUR OPINION must be given in order to gain more than half marks and the better developed it is, the more marks you will gain.

please include the following arguments somewhere in the essay:
* Against the statement the good samaritan story, this is because this story shows that you should help anyone you see needing help.
* For the statement one of the 10 commandments, honor your mother & father which suggests that you should help them before you help any one else.

Please ensure to include Bible quotes to support any arguments, some examples include:
Love your neighbour as you love yourself Luke 10
Do not ill treat foreigners in your land but treat them as you would a fellow Israelite and love them as you love yourself Leviticus 19
But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever Tim 5:8