Harlemagne: Capitulary for Saxony 775-790

Charlemagne: Capitulary for Saxony 775-790


This assignment is to prepare an assessment of Charlemagnes Capitulary for Saxony 775-790. The final paper should be no more than five typed pages double spaced in length. Submit your assignment using the Assignments feature of Blackboard. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the critical evaluation of primary sources. These sources were produced in the past and represent our most direct contact with the people of that time. Primary sources are the materials used by historians to compose their work. The proper interpretation of a primary source is not an easy task. To help you with this project please readIntroduction to the study of history: Reading a primary source”. When preparing your paper you might consider: (1) Charlegmagnes relationship with the Saxons who were a warlike and, until he conquered them, a pagan people who had resisted him fiercely and given him a great deal of trouble. (2) The intended audience for this document. (3) The political purpose of this document. (4) The religious purpose. (5) Ask your self is religion here being used for a political purpose. (6) Is Charlegmagnes primary purpose to spread Christianity.