Harles Mathewes Understanding Religious Ethics

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The purpose of this 2-3 page (double spaced, 12 pt. font, normal margins) paper is to compare two of the religious traditions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity) on a particular moral issue as described by Charles Matthewes in his Understanding Religious Ethics. Please do not appeal to any secondary literature. The two principal sections of the paper are an expository analysis. In writing your paper, you should attend to the following:

a. compare and contrast two of the religious traditions on their understandings of war. What are the key similarities and differences between the two religious traditions?
b. Engage in a close reading and analyze the concepts and arguments from the two religious traditions through extensive use of the text (use direct and indirect citations; please cite the page numbers in parentheses).
c. In the second section of the paper, you should critically and constructively evaluate the two religious traditions arguments. Consider questions such as: Is one tradition s argument more compelling? What are the wider implications of their arguments? In what ways do your own religious experiences/ tradition (or lack thereof) inform your reading of these traditions? What is your own position on the particular moral issue? Put your view in dialogue with the two religious traditions.

please use page number to refer to the arguments used. The book is Charles Mathewes Understanding Religious Ethics