Harles Peirceas a?The Doctrine of Necessity Examineda?

For the first time this semester, you are to focus on argumentation rather than mere content of a philosopheras position. By closely reading Charles Peirceas a?The Doctrine of Necessity Examined,a?(uploaded) select one of his arguments against a?necessitarianisma? (i.e. determinism) and explain its logical coherence, that is, why it is an effective argument. There are 4 key arguments in a?The Doctrine of Necessity Examineda? and you will be choosing to write about argument #2 or argument # 3.

1st argument is AGAINTS NECCESATIRISM2nd argument is AGAINST NECESSATIRISM AS ASSUMING EXACT QUANTITIVE VALUES 3rd argument is AGAINST ABSOLUTE CHANCE IS INCONCEIVABLE 4th argument is AGAINST ABSOLUTE CHANCE IS UNINTELLIGIBLE. To do this successfully, you will need to understand and explain what determinism is, what it presupposes, and why it is unlikely to be true. This will require about 2a 3 pages.
For the remaining 1a 2 pages, connect Peirceas tychism to Ralph Waldo Emerson or Henry David Thoreau or Emily Dickinson in order to show the human relevance and importance of freedom or possibility (a theme of the course) in life. In these final pages, you are free to expound by incorporating your own experience and reflections. In the end, you will have drafted a paper that is a?scientificallya? excellent, for it will simultaneously argue for the logical and empirical coherence of a philosophy of freedom.

The link to Peirces Doctrine of Necessity Examinedcan be found here:


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