Harles W Chesnutt The House behind the Cedars

Charles Chesnutt, The House Behind the Cedars
Answer the following questions in paragraph form. There needs to be at least three paragraphs per question and, where possible, identify one or two examples from the novel

1) How can Charles Chesnutti??s The House Behind the Cedars, a novel about miscegenation, passing, and the appropriation of privileges that only belong to white Americans, be argued as a response to Plessey vs. Ferguson, which legalized the practice of separate but equal? How is miscegenation a threat to, and passing a violation of, Plessey vs. Ferguson?

(2)While waiting for Dr. Green, George Tryon reads a journal article about the consequences of miscegenation. If this scientific journal article is true (and Troyon does believe it is true), how could a union with Rena be perceived as racial holocaust? What fear about the mixture of the races is Charles Chesnutt responding to?

(3) Now here is a good question, especially since love stories usually have happy endings. Is it racist of Charles Chesnutt not to make it possible for Frank Fowler, clearly the very dark-skinned hero of The House Behind the Cedars, not to get the girl (Rena)?