Harlotte Beers at Oglivy & Mather Worldwide

This is going to be write as an email to Carlotte Beers to august some solutions according to the 3 lenses in her company. First lens is strategic lens, second, the political lens, and the third is the culture lens.
the case study will be attached and the instruction will also be attached. will attach some powerpoint slides for the 3 lenses info.

writing a letter to Charlotte Beers focusing on the three lenses and how we analyze them in class. Id dedicate a page to each lens double spaced and then have half a page for introduction and conclusion... total four pages double spaced. Just analyze the case study and highlight bits of information throughout it for where it might fit in to each lens. The company has gone through a lot of changes, so thats strategic lens. Focus on the founder and his vision for his advertising agency, thats cultural. How many people have been there most of their career... also cultural. Political you can suggest comments about it being recently acquired by the new company and where it fits into their portfolio. How they are getting new clients for strategic... and so forth.

the Assignment: Recommendations for Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Due 9/28

Based on your analysis and your team s discussion of the case, create recommendations to help Charlotte Beers facilitate an effective course of action to  provide the best stewardship of the Ogilvy brand.

Write your recommendations as if you were someone from the top management team, who was intimately involved with the details, and who shared an open, frank relationship with Charlotte Beers. Assume she asked you your opinion, but she had to fly out of town so she asked you to send her a longer than usual e-mail (should be 2-4 single spaced pages, 12 point font).

In this e-mail, be sure to make it clear how you interpret the situation, what the actual recommendations are, and why you think they will work (present your reasoning). Organize your overview of the situation by the three lenses, which should be very brief, then proceed to elaborating each recommendation. If you desire, you can add a  note to the Professor at the top of the e-mail that details the assumptions you have made about the nature of your relationship with Charlotte Beers.

Although this assignment should be written to reflect communication norms germane to the e-mail medium and the nature of the relationships you assume you share with Charlotte Beers, the writing should be carefully crafted  well organized, concise, and free of grammatical errors. Your grade will reflect the extent to which you properly used the lenses, the depth of your analysis, the quality of your recommendations (do they address the most important problems, are they relatively comprehensive, creative and/or well thought out, are they true to the case), and the writing composition (well organized, concise, etc.).