Harlotte Perkins Gilman and her famous work  The Yellow Wallpaper”

You will write a research paper. By this time you have selected a writer from our readings , and perhaps even have chosen one to two specific selections by that author, which you would like to discuss further by focusing on theme or other elements of style. Your paper will require research to examine that chosen topic as  placed in a context.
To examine text placed in a context you will examine the influences that helped to create it and its meaning as reflected in the text(s). Such influences might be found in the author s personal life or beliefs, the political or social climate at the time, (philosophical movements, historical events, religious trends), other influential works of literature reflected by the text or in the author s style, and other cultural patterns reflected within or alluded to within the chosen selection(s).

 Submit an Outline.An outline is the organizational plan for your paper. Your outline should demonstrate how you will prove your thesis.
 Also, include a works cited page. (You may be familiar with the term bibliography, but MLA uses the term Works Cited, which is to be taken literally, meaning that they are paraphrased or directly quoted in your paper, and properly cited in text in either case.
 Be that you have at least 8-10 or more credible secondary sources, in addition to your primary sources.