You are free in Kantas sense only if you live by your own reason. If someone brainwashes you into doing something, you are not free. Likewise, if you buy expensive shoes only because you have had the desire implanted in you through advertising, then you are also not free. If you eat lots of ice cream because you cannot control your cravings, then you are also not free. You are little more than a slave to your desires. You lack freedom in each of these cases because it is not your own reason that makes you do what you do, but something else–another person, your given desires, your natural cravings, and so on. In Kantas view, you are not fully free.

Is Kant right about freedom?

requirements: this is a 6 page paper talking about the discussions seen in MICHEAL SINDELS from justice in Harvard university videos about kant and freedom ! to make this paper you must see this video ! my grade depends on it !!! there should be no sources other than info found on this video!!!

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