Has social networking negatively impacted the way we relate to others in our personal or professional lives

this is a rubric from my professor
a? Thesis is not only argumentative, but is also a?surprisinga? or a?riskya? and responds to assignment clearly.
a? Essayas purpose is clear, shows strong plan of development and originality.
a? All material on target in support of thesis. Makes one point and sticks to it.
a? Plan of development supported through specific evidence and sound, thorough reasoning a? Topic sentence identifies paragraphas content.
a? Strong, vivid specifics that support the topic sentence
a? Overall message of paragraphs is logical and purposeful with a clear method of organization.
a? Quotes are synthesized well with text.
a? Transitions and connecting words used to tie material together. Good sense of flow.
a? The essay is free from grammatical or mechanical errors
a? Word choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic, and varied throughout essay
a? Sentences are clear, active (Subject a Verb a Object), and to the point