Have location based services come of age

the report should highlight the trend i.e popularity of customers and debate as to wheather or not mobile location based services have come of age. the report should present atleast two detailed studies of mobile location based services, i.e google maps on handsets and what nokia are doing also. the report should highlight that the current trend is showing an increasing popularity as the conclusion. an opinion should be formed at the end. the report should also highlight briefly how location based services work, i.e the concept of tracking mobile users through gps, time of arrival etx their advantages as well as disadvantages. the general trend of popularity should be a sharp interest shown by customers in the past followed by a sharp decrease (report should highlight why this happened) and at the moment is increasing again (why. just to recap the question is have location based services come of age? the debate should argue the Yesor Noarguements with the conclusion being a yes.

popularity of customers, i.e are people using the features such as google maps, are they in demand or not, profit. Where are all these services leading to in the future expressing opinion of how location based services may change our behaviour, i.e (mobile informing of ineterests at current users position automatically) i have attached a pdf slideshow as well.
should contain atleast 1012 references, journals, books, internet research should be referenced accordingly in text (name and year of person) back of report full details of reference.