Havent decided yet, need professional advice for it.

My major is international marketing and I prefer the topic relate to China and/or Taiwan or about Asia. But I havent decided my topic yet, need have some professional advice and that I am able to discuss with my supervisor before you expert engage this master degree dissertation.

Abstract, introduction, literature review, arguments and 3(or more)hypothesis, methodology, results, conclusion, acknowledgement(I would like to thanks for …^^ not real~ I will do this part by myself), notes and references.

Within one year secondary data and/or 400~600 candidates survey.
(and please attach the secondary data and/or 400~600 questionnaires to me on 5/July)

About references, my supervisor prefer journals rather than class books and no internet sources(for his personal hobby…).

*Is that okey to have topic and hypothesis in advance(26/June) so that I am able to discus with my supervisor to make sure the topic and research direction is on the(his) right tract?

*Please attach the secondary data and/or 400~600 questionnaires for me on 5/July.

*May I have it(half draft) on 14/July? I will need to read it and talk with supervisor

*May I have it(complete draft) before 30/July please? ^^

**I will let you know before two day if my supervisor arrange meeting with me, please share me the content which expert complete at the moment and I will send recording and suggestion from my supervisor for expert as well.

I am so glad to have your help, and it will be great if I can contact with expert since I do not know above require and date is fine or not.

Million thanks again!!!