He Middle East and the World: Identity and Conflict in the Middle East

The Middle East and the World: Identity and Conflict in the Middle East

Answer the following question in an essay response. The essay must be 1250 words.

In Unit 3 of the course we are learning about the period that follows the independence of Middle Eastern countries and their successes and failures in resolving international, local, and identity conflicts from the 1950s through the 1980s. Use the cases of Iran, Lebanon, and one other case of your choice from the Middle East that is covered in the readings or in class to discuss the relationship between foreign intervention, national identity debates, and social transformations in these three countries. Which of these three themes is the most significant in explaining the success or failure of successfully resolving conflicts in these three country cases? Be sure to use the full range of course materials (readings, videos) to support your argument.

Failure to follow these instructions will result in a loss of points.

Style Instructions
Make your answer in the form of an organized essay which includes:
a? A specific thesis statement that explains your argument and does not merely restate the question
a? Try to think thematically in your answers about the big ideas of the course
a? Keep direct quotes to a minimum. Instead paraphrase the text into your own words to show you understand the concepts and provide a proper citation even when paraphrasing
a? Demonstrate familiarity with all course materials
a? No outside research is required, expected, or necessary
a? If you summarize or quote any material, from the course or not, you must provide a citation of that source.
a? Proof read your essay for correctness in spelling, grammar and style

Formatting Instructions
All papers must be:
a? 1250 words inclusive of name, title, and citations for each answer
a? 12 point Times font
a? Double spaced
a? 1 inch margins on all sides

Citation Instructions
Make sure you use the following method for citations
a? Always use proper citations
a? Use parenthetical citations, e.g.:
a? (Satrapi,, 12)
a? (Cleveland, 234)
a? (West Beirut)

Use 3 or more citation from each source and give the specific page that you cited!!
Sources that should be used are:-
1- A history of the modern Middle East by William Cleveland and Bunton 4th Edition (use only chapters 14,15,16,17,18,19,20&21)

2- Persepolis: the story of a childhood by Marjane Satrapi , reprinted/2004.