Health and disease relation to cigarette smoking

Please make sure that you respond fully to the question that you choose discussing all parts of the question. Provide specific evidence from course readings and documentary films (where appropriate) as required in each question listed below.

The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, no less than 800 words and no more than 900 words. Provide the word count for your essay on your title page. The take-home essay question is worth 40 points. In your essay, you must use specific examples from readings through paraphrasing, quotes, etc. You MUST refer to at least THREE different course readings and you may/should paraphrase or quote from at least some of these readings more than once. You may also incorporate examples from documentaries and class lectures.

You must use either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style for citations and be sure to provide a a?List of Citationsa? at the end of your essay. A grading rubric is shown below.

1. Allan Brandt in his essay on the cigarette and risk discusses the two theories of individual versus social responsibility for health and disease. Explain these two theories and what their importance is in relation to cigarette smoking. Discuss how and why Brandt thinks more attention should be paid to the social responsibility theory in relation to addressing the problem of the cigarette as a major health risk. 3

Grading Rubric for the Midterm Exam Essay Question (40 points)

Analysis (15 points)
a? Did you answer the question?
a? Did you fully explain your answer?
a? Did you connect your ideas to relevant themes that we are focusing on in class?
Evidence/Proof (15 points)
a? Did you provide relevant, accurately-used examples from course discussion and readings?
a? Did you provide page numbers and (possibly) short quotations to prove your answer?
a? Was your answer accurate and clear concerning the historical context and chronology?

Writing (10 points)
a? Word count
a? Punctuation
a? Grammar
a? Spelling
a? Proper sentence structure
a? Well-organized paper with clearly-defined paragraphs
a? Proper Citation Format throughout essay and at end of essay.