Health and economic affects that gentrification brings

Thesis statement
The gentrification improve the number of food service company increase and also add more different types of food store and it all brings many positive health and economic affects to the community.
A. Quantity & Quality increase
1. More grocery stores
(more fresh food options with cheap price i?0
2. More restaurant
(Fast-food restaurant move out, more formal restaurants move in, for example, the Japanese restaurants, the Chinese restaurants, Italian restaurant etc.)
3. More dessert shop
(CafA© shops come in, such as StartBucks, and some snack stores come in too. Ex. Yocup Yogurt etc.)
B. How it changes.
1. People can buy food with more choice; increase the quality of home food, fresh and health, decrease the disease happen. People focus not only on eat enough food but also focus on the quality of life
2. Since the number of restaurants increase and it brings some full-time jobs to the community. Stimulate the economy of this community, higher housing price.

sources: at least one from magazine, and one from newspaper

avoiding using those words: ( just, actually, probably, maybe, like,etc)