Health issues for Older adults Artical critique

article review: must be relevant and critiqued. the article must come from a professional source, and APA format is required. Correct grammar
i?? Correct punctuation
i?? Correct spelling
i?? APA used for headers, page numbering, quotations, margins, citation, and font.
i?? APA format used for reference page
i?? Title page creative & reflects article (not necessarily APA)
i?? Evidence of Plagiarism will result in a failing grade

Body of Critique (40 points)
i?? Brief summary of article. If it is a research article, summarize the conceptual framework, methodology (sample, instrument(s), data analysis, etc.), findings, discussions, conclusions, & authoras implications for practice. Do this in your own words.
Your Response (30 points)
i?? Label this as a section a?My Responsea?
i?? Addresses the value of the studies to you personally and as a professional. (15 points)
i?? Includes a description of how you might implement this new knowledge in a personal and practice setting. (15 points)
i?? Use of words such as a?Ia?, a?mea?, and a?mya? are encouraged in this section.

If you go to university of central Oklahomas library page look up articles.
physical fitness assessment of older adults in the primary care setting by janet purath

this is the article I want used please