Health profile examining a health issue in the community i worked

I am a Nursing student.
The summative assesment for this module is a health profile of 3000 words +/10% on a community area i worked.
Introduction. Community overview. Health Issue. Current Health Promotion. Gaps in provision and make recommendations. Conclusion.

It would be great if the above could be titled in the essay.

INTRODUCTION stateing clearly 3 things, the choice of health issue, Client group and exactly where they live. An academic referenced rationale for why you chose this health issue. A written description of the order of the assignment.
In my case it is asthma. Can focus on a specific age group if preferred and in my case this is Paddock Wood, located in the South east of england, kent, paddock wood consists of 2 wards, paddock wood east and paddock wood west, i have to focus on just one of the wards, and compare statistics locally, regionally and nationally.
Paddock wood is in Maidstone weald Primary Care Trust (PCT) so statistics can also be compared to other communities in that PCT and other pcts if u wish.

COMMUNITY OVERVIEW. Giving relevant information about the area and should be skewered towards my chosen health issue, including statistics. Include geography, topgraphy, housing, retail, leisure, transport, ethnicity etc.

HEALTH ISSUE, talk about it from an epidemiological poin of view. Need to firstly give a referenced definition of asthma. Then incidence/prevalence, associated risk factors, short and long-term effects, to the individual, the community and the country/NHS.This could include costs incurred.

CURRENT HEALTH PROMOTION, identifying what is already there. (Would be geart if could give referenced definition of the term health promotion. Could identify contributions made by different practitioners in the primary health care team and community team eg what the health visitor does to prevent asthma. Could also state here if it is getting hard to reach groups eg homeless, travellers.

GAPS IN PROVISION AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Sould be able to identify what nurses are doing elsewhere to address the need-perhaps in other parts of the country. You might consider if their ideas are transferrable to your area.

CONCLUSION. Needs to comment upon the usefullness of health profilling generally and to you specifically in this area. What have you learnt from doing this profile? So what des this mean for the comminity you have described, so what should be addressed in future.

It would be useful if graphs could be analysed. Thank you
harved style of referencing please.