Health promotion and public health,analyses a contemporary health issue of a population.within the UK

Population Health


Assignment brief

This assessment takes the form of a 3000 word essay, which analyses a contemporary health issue of a population.


Introduction a You need to answer the following questions:
What? The first paragraph needs to focus on outlining the focus of the study. This is what is given in the assignment brief above.
How? The second paragraph needs to give a brief outline of how the essay is structured. In other words give a brief chronology of how issues are addressed in the essay.
Why? The third paragraph needs to focus on why you chose to focus in the issues under study. A good example is the need to meet the module learning outcomes. Other reasons could be you own learning needs or personal interests.
Remember your introduction needs to set the seen clearly and this normally gives the marker an impression of the quality of the essay.

Discussion a This is the main body of the study.
Describe the health issue you have chosen, explaining briefly why it is of interest to you.
Analyse the main factors, both past and present, which you believe have influenced most strongly the contemporary health of the population. This analysis must be related to chosen health issue.
Analyse how knowledge of the population you have chosen may aid critical understanding of the contemporary health issue in question
(Include statics)

Conclusion a The conclusion must not contain any new information.
Summary a The first paragraph summarises the key learning points in the essay. Remember there must not be any new information. You can use bullet points to highlight the key issues addressed in the essay.
Recommendations a Make any recommendation as to what you think what needs to happen next. An example of this could be what you need to do yourself to understand the subject better.

References a Only sources cited in the essay need to be included in the reference list. Remember you need to use the key sources which are in your module study guide. You need to obtain a referencing guide from the library to ensure that your referencing is consistent with the recommended system.

Word Limit The word limit is 3000, +-10%.