Health promotion for patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:
i · Critically discuss the concepts of health, and health promotion.
i · Critically evaluate alternate approaches to planning and implementing policies and strategies for promoting health.
i · Critically discuss the effects of psychosocial factors on the individual in health and illness, nature of chronic illness and the implications for nursing practice.
i · Critically discuss the factors that influence health behaviours change.
With reference to an area of respiratory nursing practice, critically discuss current nursing contributions to health outcomes for patients.
This assessment involves discussion of the concepts / issues in relation to health promotion and nursingas contribution to health outcomes in the form of an essay. All discussion should be supported with reference to relevant literature. The assignment must include the following sections a
This should provide an outline of what will be discussed in the main body of the work.
i · Discuss how you are going to begin your assignment.
i · Give a rational for choosing your topic.
i · Include supporting literature
i · Approx 500 words
Main Body.
This is where the main ideas and arguments of the topic, and the materials to support them, are presented. The discussion must be supported by reference to appropriate literature. Organization of the material is important sequencing of material must be logical and lead to clear conclusions.
In this section you are required to
i · Access and review information in relation to the topic.
i · Analyse the information that you have reviewed.
i · Discuss the interaction of nursing contribution, health promotion concepts, behaviour and illness experiences associated with this condition.
i · Critically discuss current nursing contributions and emerging issues that may influence health outcomes.
i · Approx 3000 words
This should summarize the main arguments of the essay and present a logical conclusion with implications if appropriate.
Approx 500 words
A complete and accurate reference list must accompany the essay. The Harvard system of referencing should be used. References are not included in the word count