Health promotion/disease prevention regarding hypertension

2. Determine a list of differential diagnoses;
a. Define each diagnosis and list in order of priority.
3. Outline a plan of care for the health promotion/disease prevention diagnosis
a. Include names, doses, and side effects, interactions of any medications
4. The paper is to include a theory, which is guiding the plan of care (Health belief model, Penderas health promotion theory, transfiguration theory, Lenz theory of unpleasant symptoms).
5. Include measures to monitor the patients progress
a. Include tools and frequency of monitoring progress
6. Health Literacyprovide concrete tools for assessment of health literacy, also provide cultural competent care planning and Provided multilevel (written, electronic, telephonica¦) educational resources for patient use. This is a Patient Education Plan with goal of patient adoption of healthy behavior due to understanding of disease process, medications and treatments.
7. Propose plan for future needs, contingency plan if disease relapse/recurrence.

please have writer answer questions above citing whenever possible. be specific with health literacy portion question 6 and tools for patient to monitor and learn about their condition based on their learning behavior level.