Health sysytems and government response to AIDS in America

Essay #4 is a definition argument. It should be 3-4 pages long, use Times New Roman 12 point font, and be double-spaced. The paper must include at least three outside sources in addition to the reading. These sources should be valid sources according to the explanation on valid sources offered in Chapter 18 in Good Reasons. Wikipedia is never a valid source for a college level course, nor is the dictionary. You must use in-text citations and a works cited page, using MLA style citation. More information on MLA style citation can be found in Good Reasons in chapter 20.


In this essay, you will define and re-define a concept against its usually accepted definition–such as Childhood,State violence,Genocide,Bravery,PTSD,Resiliency,Forgiveness,Love,or some other term–using evidence from That Mad Game and at least 3 other sources. Please feel free to email me with your ideas or thoughts if you need to. Though you may want or need to use a dictionary in this assignment, it may *not* count as one of the four required sources. The dictionary definition of a term may also *not* count or stand in for your definition. You are providing a new, expanded, or otherwise different definition for the concept or term.
Each essay must use specific evidence from That Mad Game and from at least three other articles, books, or other resources for support. This can include specific textual references (paraphrasing and summarizing) and/or quotes. If you use quotes, the body paragraphs should have no more than two quotes to support your point and analysis. Quotes should be introduced with your own words and be properly cited using MLA format. Each body paragraph should begin and end with your ideas; thus, you need to clearly explain how the quote(s) you chose to use support your ideas.

a?Remember that a strong introduction includes a brief introduction of the topic and main points, as well as a clear thesis that states the main idea of your essay.
a?Each body paragraph should include a topic sentence, explanation of the ideas in the paragraph, specific examples to support your explanation (the quotes will be at least part of your example/examples), adequate explanation and analysis of all examples/evidence, and appropriate closure/transitions to finish the paragraph.
a?The conclusion should restate your thesis and provide a final observation on the topic.
a?Your essay should have an original title that reflects your topic and argument.
a?MLA format: MLA stands for Modern Language Association, which provides a format for English papers to follow. The heading and the header are examples of the proper format for MLA style, which you must follow for this essay. The font must be 12 point Times New Roman font. The margins for all MLA formatted papers are one inch (top/bottom and left/right). Your essay should also include a Works Cited page and in-text parenthetical citation. The Works Cited page should follow your essay.
a?Remember to transition from idea to idea within paragraphs and from paragraph to paragraph using transitional phrases/words, coordinating conjunctions (i.e. FANBOYS), subordinating conjunctions, and prepositional phrases.
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