Health, temperament and required grooming

you are required to produce a report on the three different dogs that have been presented to you which includes all of the following;
a detailed assessment of their temperaments and recommendations for their handling.
a detailed assessment of their health and recommendations of their health treatments and needs.
a detailed assessment of their grooming requirements with recommendations on all of their individual needs.
dog 1
coco a lively giant schnauzer
12 year old
weighs 38kgs
he is getting a bit stiff in his joints
suffers from dandruff
very strong and stubborn
doesnt like being bathed
hates his feet being touched
dog 2
molly a shy west highland white
2 year old
very clingy with mum
has never been clipped
she has very itchy, dry skin
has recently been spayed
suffers from ear infections and sore pads
dog 3
dougal the afghan hound
5 years old
not castrated
top show dog
very used to being groomed
has a heart condition
must not get stressed or excited
is prone to over heating

each report must be a page each.all points listed at the top must link to every dog.i.e molly the west highland terrier, becuase she is close to mum and has never been clipped you may ask them to stay with them for a bit longer this could include within the grooming requirements and indvidual needs point.