Healthcare system in place in the United States

Recently, the U.S. Congress passed legislation, which was signed by the President, which set the stage to overhaul the healthcare system in place in the United States. The aim of the provision is to provide affordable and universal healthcare to all Americans and to bring down to manageable levels the uncontrollable healthcare costs we currently face. To do this, one of the provisions of the legislation mandates that all Americans certify that they have health insurance, whether provided by an employer or paid in-A­a?full or in-A­a?part on an individual basis. Failure to do this will result in fines paid by each individual. Is
this constitutional? Can the government mandate action by citizens in terms of
commerce to promote a a?social gooda?? How have recent court cases sided in this
matter? Do you agree or disagree? Will this case go to the U.S. Supreme Court? How do you think the U.S. Supreme Court will decide? Your are being asked to research this issue for your companyas management as it looks to budget for the following year and needs input for the upcoming budget as well as
the 5 year Strategic Plan. What is your recommendation?
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