Heart disease/ havent thought of a title yet

I need all the information to either be from a paper in a journal, a book, or a chapter in a book anything, except websites from the internet as I was specifically told not to use web sites.
Please use the below system of referencing:
 References:

This section is a complete bibliography of all the literature cited. It is absolutely essential in any scientific writing to make proper reference to work performed and published by others. The assessor should be able to go to the work cited to check it or to obtain further information. Take care to properly acknowledge the work of others. This is usually done by giving the names of the authors in the main text, together with the publication dated, thus: Smith & Jones (1991). Where a paper has three or more authors, use the form Jones et al., (1991). Two works published by the same author in one year are cited Jones (1991a) and Jones (1991b). Then put the complete reference in the reference section. Here, the references should be in alphabetical order of the surname of the first author and take the following format:

e.g. A paper in a Journal:
Cooper, R.A. and Lawrence, J.C. (1996) The Prevalence of bacteria and implications for infection control. Journal of Wound Care 5(6), 291-295.

Journal titles can either be given in full or abbreviated, if you do abbreviate the titles use the style in the World List of Scientific Periodicals. Note that other styles are also used in the scientific literature.

e.g. A Book:
Smith, C.A. and Wood, E.J. (1996) Cell Biology. Chapman and Hall, London, New York.

e.g. A chapter in a Book:
Bowen, S.M.(1996) The Cell Cycle and Cell Death in Cell Biology (eds C.A. Smith and E.J. Wood), Chapman and Hall, London and New York pp.495-517.

All reference cited in the text, and only these, must be included in the reference list.

Write about all the below headings:

Chronic inflammatory disease




Heart disease

Heart disease and atherosclerosis

Costs to the National Health Service

Morbid and mortality rates

Risk factors associated to inflammatory disease for example life style, stress, smoking, etc, genetic, sex, age.

Role of inflammation (mechanism of atherosclerosis)
- Free radical contribution
- Monocytes /macrophage
- Plaque formation

Biochemical pathways involved in monocytic inflammation
- Free radical
- Cytokine release
- Chemo taxis
- Monocyte  macrophage differentiation
(I need a good diagram)
- Receptor recognition  antigen antibody recognition
- Leads to cascade of cellular signaling that causes production of venous inflammatory mediators via the nucleus.
- Toll receptor involvement in inflammatory response ( get diagram showing cellular signaling)
- Treatment of atherosclerosis /diabetes/ inflammatory disease
- Give one or two of how atherosclerosis etc can be treated with drugs eg vitamin b or strains
- Strains reduce cholesterol reduce atherosclerosis
Conjugated linoleic acid as a possible treatment of atherosclerosis
- Previous clinical trials/ research
Monocytes as a cellular model for atherosclerosis
- Monocytes are key to inflammatory disease therefore are a good model of inflammation.
- Tissue culture  advantages
- Lipo polysaccharide as a pro inflammatory stimulus
- To establish whether lipo polysaccharide attenuates toll like receptor expression in human monocytic cells.
- To identify whether Conjugated linoleic acid affects toll like receptor expression
- In both lipo polysaccharide and nonlipopolysaccharide induced in monocytic cells.