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Arthur Wilson, who was the founder of the Swallowa?s Bank, has recently died. He
has provided for his family and wanted to leave some charitable gifts. His will
contains the following provisions:

a) I give A?50,000 to promote the music of the famous composer Benjamin
Britten and to fund research into what links, if any, there are between
his music and the great composers of the past.

b) I give A?500,000 to my trustees to apply for the relief of ex-employees of
Swallowa?s Bank and their families who may have come upon financial
hard times.

c) I leave A?1m to establish the George Mainwaring Centre for Alternative
Medicine, which will provide comfort to patients and ease suffering.
Patients should be charged, each according to their means.

d) I leave a further A?500,000 to promote the playing of sport (e.g. cricket,
football, snooker) amongst the youth of Walmington-on Sea, so that
young people can come together, get fit and find a sense of

e) I leave A?100,000 to promote and encourage kindness to animals.

Advise Arthura?s executors as to the validity of these provisions as charitable gifts.