HeckPoint: Key Players in Curriculum Development

1. Readings

a? Read Ch. 12a 13 of the text. (see uploaded attachment)

2. CheckPoint: Key Players in Curriculum Development

a? Resource: Appendix E (see uploaded attachment)
a? Use Appendix E to identify key players in curriculum development and management. Describe the role each member plays and the influence they have on the curriculum.
a? Post your completed Appendix E as an attachment.

3. Discussion Questions

a? Visit the National Access Web site at and review the information on No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Review the section on NCLB from Ch. 5 of your textbook on pp. 156a 157 (see attachment). What are the implications of NCLB on teachers, on students in the classroom, and on schools and school districts?

Standards-based education can sometimes put pressure on teachers to be sure they measure-up to the expectations of state standards. How can teacher accountability have a positive and a negative influence on the classroom environment?