HeckPoint-Social Construction of Reality

Resource: Ch. 4 of Society
Compose a 200to 300-word response addressing the following questions:

a? Describe your social status as you see it. For example, if you have a job, is your status at work different than it is in your peer groups? Is your status in school different than it is in your family? Explain the differences in how you interact with people at work and school or with friends and family. You may use any examples from your own experience.
a? Consider how your social status influences your view of the world. Provide an example from your personal experience of how you have shaped your own reality through social interaction.

Im a female and my career is an Auto/Home Adjustor. I have been doing it for 15 yrs. My son is also in his senior yr of school at Alabama AME. I attend online classes at University of Phoenix. The rest is up to you. Thanks in advance